Corporate Rating

Infomerics Nepal rates securities of companies in numerous industries including chemicals, steel, petroleum, automobiles, consumer goods, food, beverage & tobacco, textiles, fertilizer, healthcare, telecom, and power, to name just a few. Our analysts have the expertise to understand all the aspects of each organization they rate, including strategic initiatives, company operations, competitive position, financial performance, and overall industry dynamics.

We rate public securities and private placements including investment grade or high-yield securities. Specific issues include:

– Coverage

– Long-Term Debt

– Medium-Term Notes

– Commercial Paper

– Preferred Stock

Infomerics Nepal spends a significant amount of time and resources on developing relationships with investors. Services provided to investors include one-on-one and group meetings, field visits, conferences, conference calls and access to our analysts by phone. Feedback from issuers gives us ideas for improving our products and services.